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SeaPerch Robotics has applied to two sites for competition in 2015:  21 February at Kathleen HS in Lakeland and 11 April at Embry-Riddle OR at Florida Atlantic Univ in Boca Raton.  There are two teams being entered for each competition.

FIRST Robotics has a single competition in Jacksonville and it is 10 January.

VEX Robotics has several competitions lined up and the first is in January, see Mr. Jahn

I need somewhere to put out build philosophy, responsibilities, road trip and competition rules and post some of my photos.  I will do it here.


1. Have fun.

2. Allow me to have fun.

3. Don't let #1 override #2

Build Rules

1. Keep it simple.

2. Build in lightness.

3. Make it fast.